The Eye is Watching You

Do you remember the penetrating eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Ring movies? In those films, Sauron was the malevolent force constantly searching for the one ring of power. If he found it he would reduce Middle Earth to abject thralldom. The filmmakers represented this ultimate threat as a high watch tower and Sauron’s unblinking eye as the search light, looking for Frodo and Sam. Would he find them? The tension in the story derived from this situation: The heroes had to walk beneath the dark tower, hiding from Sauron’s glare, on their quest to end the very darkness that the tower represented. Continue reading “The Eye is Watching You”

Are We Praying?


How can the world be changed? With prayer.

Hannah had an unbearable problem. In 1 Samuel 1, we learn that she could not have children. A tragedy, certainly. What made this even worse as that Hannah lived in a society where a women’s worth was created by her ability to bear and raise children. She was barren and therefore had little worth in anyone’s eyes, including her own (With the exception of her loving husband, Elkanah). Her situation darkened her very life and not even a loving husband could make the rain stop. Continue reading “Are We Praying?”

How Do You Measure Up?


Samuel took his tape measure with him on the trip to Bethlehem. The Lord had told him to bring his horn filled with oil for the anointing of Israel’s next king. And so Samuel did. But because he was only human, Samuel brought his tape measure also. Continue reading “How Do You Measure Up?”